Connected Demons

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Connected Demons

Connected Demons is a drama thriller about an eleven year old girl, Tulip, who loves her mother, Rachel, more than anything in life. Divorced and six months pregnant, Rachel is attacked by a deranged stranger with devastating consequences, leaving her mentally disturbed. Determined to cure Rachel, Tulip battles with her father, Stephen, who is adamant that Rachel needs to be institutionalised. Tulip spends her time taking care of Rachel and trying to bring back the mother she has lost. However, Rachel’s unusual behaviour scares the chosen ones, including her own mother Catherine. When mysterious deaths follow, Tulip suspects a demonic connection. With the situation escalating, Tulip’s research leads her to scientist Grace, who is working on the project “Connected Demons”. Will Tulip’s love and hope be enough to save Rachel? How far will a daughter go?

Director Biography – Suraj Sathe

Since childhood, I have always had an affinity towards movies. Performing arts and entertainment has been a core part of my life. Since young age I have done a lot of direction for plays and choreographed different dance forms like salsa, hip-hop and freestyle. I am most passionate about directing films, but I never realised how much I love writing scripts until I started writing down the ideas that kept popping in my brain.

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