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Mama’s Boy

“Mama’s Boy” is a short thriller based around a young boy named Charlie and his unnervingly loving Mother. Charlie’s world starts to become the one of his nightmares as his mother’s grasp on him becomes tighter. Hints of rebellion are quashed out of him with sickening sweetness, and by the end, Charlie finds himself just as helpless as a fly being wrapped up to be eaten in a spider web. The question is, are the mother’s overly protective actions innocuous, or more sinister than they seem?

Director Biography – Mickey Staver

Senior at Wright State University in Tom Hanks’ Motion Picture Production Program. Has directed “NOISE.” and “Mama’s Boy”. “Noise” has screened at multiple festivals including: LA Underground Film Forum, Hollywood Silver Screen Festival, and Dayton Independent Film Festival. “Mama’s Boy” was selected for the online Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival in 2020.

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