Viola film poster


Tim and Jo arrive at a holiday rental, where they find a ‘smart device’ called Viola. However, throughout the evening the device starts playing up, and it seems they may not be the only ones occupying the house.

Director Biography – Paul W Franklin

Paul is a Kentish Man (not a Man of Kent) who now dwells in Salisbury.

He quit a perfectly good engineering degree to write films. He still doesn’t regret it.

He makes adverts, short films, music & corporate videos, and is a published author. He brings to the table almost 10 years of experience and a very creative mind.

Outside of film, he enjoys rugby and correcting other people’s grammar. He’s quite partial to craft beer and his favourite sub-atomic particle is the Boson.

He dislikes misuse of the word ‘tragedy’ and talking about himself in the 3rd person.

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