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Night, darkness, full moon. A car is driving through the winding roads of a mountain village. A meeting breaks the silence of the place and changes Lucas’s destiny forever.

Director Biography – Luigi Scarpa

Director – Filmmaker – Producer.
Luigi has been working in the audiovisual sector since 2007; his studies included cinema, theater and television at the Università Statale in Milan, where he graduated with honors.
His final project was a research on animated cinema, linked to Zagreb Film and then published on Hrvatski filmski ljetopis.
His first job was with a web channel called MyVideos; he then moved on to corporate videos, documentaries and guerrilla marketing films.
After that, he worked for Sky, Ducati and important television channels.
In 2009, he directed a historical and archaeological documentary for the European Community.
Back in 2010, he joined the staff of Scordo & Partners, focusing on fashion and lifestyle.
He also collaborated with the Visual Anthropology Lab of the Università Statale of Milan, and taught Video Production in training courses.
In 2015, he enriched his training working as a Vj; later on, he joined the music field as a DJ – using the pseudonym Phoneu-Trax.
In 2019, he reached professional maturity, writing and directing his first horror short film: MALUM ÆTERNI.
In 2020, after the success of Malum Aeterni, despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic, he writes and directs his second horror short movie: SĪBĬLUM.

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